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A quick service access panel using Type 2 Button-fix

This video shows how to make an easily removable, push-on, pull-off panel to access plumbing or electrics inside a wall or service duct. Type 2 Button-fix is ideal when you want the access panel to be flush on all sides to the surrounding wall.

A leaking downpipe required the plumber to cut a hole in the covering plasterboard. We used the opportunity to add a removable service access panel, just in case we might need access again. The Type 2 Fixes we used in the video connect panels at 90°, and engage with a straight push. They are ideal for panels with no clearance above or at the side, and applications where the emphasis is on ease of access.

They are ideal for many such applications; bath panels, pipe boxing, radiator covers and cabinets, corner posts, dummy drawer fronts, under cupboard skirtings, infill panels above and below ovens and fridges.

Using the new Fix Marker tools is the easiest, most foolproof method of fixing a panel without visible fixings. In this video we are using the new Type 2 'blue' Buttons, specifically designed for the Type 2 Fix. These have a wider 'lead-in', and so are even easier to line up and engage. Manufactured in PA66 nylon, the Fixes are practically indestructible (unlike other commonly used clips made from polycarbonate). Four fixes will hold a 50kg panel under it's own weight.

Not shown on the video, but a cheap suction cup lifter, available for a few pounds can be used for easy removal - failing that, levering with a thin spatula/scraper normally does it. Also, to reduce the 'detent' force, a PTFE spray onto the clips before assembly helps. This video highlights just one of our Button-fix range of innovative panel fasteners, made in the UK and ideal for a wide range of applications.

Fix Marker accessories make setting out easy and help to correctly position both the Button and the Fix.

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Button-fix Type 2

  • Connects panels at 90° or to a frame
  • Push-on engagement
  • Ideal for service access such as bath panels
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