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Invisibly fixing Aspects Bespoke's slatted TV wall

The Windsor-based joinery specialists share their experience of using Button-fix and explain how it helps them to install their bespoke fitted furniture.

Aspects Bespoke is a fitted furniture company working from their Windsor-based workshop. They create exceptional fitted furniture, wardrobes and media walls. Their dedication lies in crafting unique pieces that add a touch of personalisation to every client's home. George, the owner of Aspects Bespoke, shares their experience of using the Button-fix fixing system that has transformed their projects.

George in his workshop

George discovered the Button-fix panel fixing system on a YouTube video and immediately recognised its potential to address their specific needs. What stood out to him was the ease of use and the straightforward installation process that Button-fix offered. Unlike other fixing products they had tried before, Button-fix was well-made, easy to install, and provided the desired level of functionality for their projects.

One project that demonstrated the capabilities of Button-fix for Aspects Bespoke was the installation of slatted TV walls. The challenge was to hide the cables behind the slats while ensuring they remained removable for any necessary access. Additionally, the fixings used had to be invisible to maintain the aesthetics of the design. George explained that Button-fix was the perfect solution for this unique requirement, as there was nothing else like it on the market. By recessing Button-fix into the back of the slats and using the marker tool provided, Aspects Bespoke achieved perfect positioning. The slats could slide on and off the back panel, securing them in place during installation.

Button-fix Type 1 Flush and Marker

The standout features of Button-fix that set it apart from other products were its design and positive reviews found on YouTube. Buttonfix’s innovative design, aligned with Aspects Bespoke's commitment to incorporating the latest techniques and technology into its work. The positive reviews further solidified their decision to utilise Button-fix, knowing it had already proven its worth in real-world applications.

When considering the budgetary aspect of projects, Button-fix provided an additional advantage. As it required no special jigs or tools, it proved to be a cost-effective solution for Aspects Bespoke. They always keep a stock of Button-fix in their workshop, ensuring they are readily available for upcoming projects.

"The challenge was to hide the cables behind the slats while ensuring they remained removable for any necessary access" says Aspects Bespoke's owner, George

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