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NoiseBoys Technologies - a user's perspective

NoiseBoys are an award-winning company with over 15 years’ experience of fitting audio, lighting and visual installations for venues and churches, and recently used Button-fix Type 1 Flush for a special project in Oxford.

"At NoiseBoys we specialise in AV & Lighting installations into traditional churches and heritage buildings, so we often have to create custom solutions to solve unique problems that these kind of buildings throw our way.

"We were approached by a college chapel in Oxford to install a visually discreet audio system that would provide good, even audio coverage, without any speakers being seen. We used K Array speakers for this solution as they provide tiny speakers which do exactly what we need them to do to meet our customers’ needs. We had to install around 30 speakers into this space to allow for meetings to be held from different positions, so this involved redundant speakers being installed for various scenarios.

"We needed to create a way of securely attaching the speaker to the wall in a way that didn't add bulk to the speaker and also allowed us to fix into the wall at various positions, as part of the limitations on this project meant we could only fix into the mortar joints and cause no damage to the stone in this listed building."

Wall batten with Button-fix Type 1 Flush

Button-fix Type 1 Flush, our fully recessed connector, was the solution to this installation challenge. It fits a simple oval rebate and can be rebated into the edge of a panel or surface of at least 28mm thick or the face of a panel or surface of at least 18mm thick.

"I came up with a solution which integrated Button-fix. I had seen these used in the past for knock down cabinets and for panel fixing, and thought these could be the right solution. We created a test piece using a demo speaker and a bit of scrap wood to try out the idea and once happy with it we created some 18mm MDF battens with the correct cut-outs for the Button fix.

"This solution worked really well as it only added 18mm depth to the speaker and gave a really positive lock ensuring the speakers couldn't be easily knocked off the wall risking damage to them and the building fabric.

"The install guys were very impressed with how quickly and securely the speakers went up using this system, I will definitely be making use of Button-fix products in future projects."

Find out more about NoiseBoys on: @noiseboys_uk

T: +44 (0) 145 555 0800

'The install guys were very impressed with how quickly and securely the speakers went up using this system, I will definitely be making use of Button-fix products in future projects.'

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