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How to hang a sign panel with Type 1 Bonded

Visible screw heads on the surface of a graphic panel are obviously distracting to the message or image so concealed fixings are essential. In our video, we show how to mount a foamed PVC Foamex panel using Type 1 Bonded Button-fix.

The large bond area and the fact that the Type 1 Bonded Fix is moulded from ABS, means that it can be solvent bonded to foamed PVC and provide very strong adhesion. In this case, we have used a standard solvent glue used by plumbers to weld plastic pipes together. The advantage of solvent glues is that they dry quickly and create a ‘molecular’ bond. However, for safety reasons, they must be used with plenty of ventilation.

It is important to ensure that the Fixes are all parallel and square to each other and that they are correctly orientated to slide in the right direction relative to the Buttons. It is also important on Type 1 Bonded to ensure that no glue enders the oval hole in the Fix where the Button locks into it or it will prevent the two parts from coming together.

Once the Fixes are bonded, the red marker tools are slid into place and the sign is held in the correct position on the wall. With a gentle thump, the marker tool spikes precisely dent the wall where the screws for the Buttons will go. Using suitable wall anchors, the Buttons are screwed in place. Note, that the screw heads must not exceed the height of the countersink holes as this would cause the assembly to jam up.

If an easy fit is required, some of the pairs of the detent ‘ears’ can be nipped off but, generally, a sign or graphic panel will need a firm grip. Slide the Fixes into the Buttons and give the assembly a sharp tug to click it into place. Note that to lock, the assembly allows for a vertical drop-down of 15mm or, alternatively, a sideways slide if no gap is permissible at the top of the graphic panel.

Using solvent adhesive to attach the Fix to the PVC Foamex sign.

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How to hang a sign panel with Type 1 Bonded

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