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Testing Type 1 Metal Button-fix to the extremes

Our super-strong concealed fastener takes performance to a new level. Diecast in zinc alloy and fitted with a stainless-steel spring, the Type 1 Metal Fix is designed for the most demanding applications.

To validate its performance, the fastener has been load tested to destruction, repeat-fitted over 15,000 times to ensure the 'click' fit does not fatigue and dynamically tested to simulate the rigours of transport applications such as marine or train interiors.

The vibration and shock-load tests were carried out by an independent test house, Engineering Dynamics. They subjected a panel mounted on 4 x Type 1 Metal Button-fixes to a range of vibrations, ranging in frequency from 5Hz to 400Hz and up to 30 minutes in duration. The Button-fixes remained connected throughout. They also performed a series of shock load tests: our fastener survived a 15g shock but ultimately decoupled at 20g.

To put this into context, the astronauts on the Space Shuttle were subjected to 3g acceleration on lift-off and landing and a fighter pilot may experience up to 9g. The Type 1 Metal Button-fix can comfortably cope with 15g - an interior panel fixing you can really trust in all circumstances!

When tested to destruction, four Type 1 Metal Button-fixes carried a pull-out load of 862kg before failing. In shear, they carried around 1.3 tonnes!

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