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A testing time for Type 3

Any direct push-on panel fixing must be strong and reliable for the duration of its life. At Button-fix, we have put the new Type 3 through exhaustive testing to make sure we can confidently give recommended loadings that will pass the test of time.

Type 3 has undergone rigorous testing, both in-house and independently at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at Sheffield University. The comprehensive test report from AMRC is available to download on our website, but to summarise, it shows that four Type 3 Button-fixes can support a panel weighing over 300kg . These tests measured loads to failure; however, we also needed to understand how the product would behave over time and in extreme conditions.

Shear and pull-off load testing at AMRC

In our own test facilities at our London studio, we have a specially developed ‘climate chamber’, where the Button-fixes are loaded for extended periods at elevated temperatures of over 40°C and 90% humidity. This is important, as any polymer under a constant moderate load can exhibit ‘creep’, potentially leading to failure, weeks or months later due to slow deformation of the plastic. The climate chamber allows testing for conditions in hot humid environments, but also accelerates any creep characteristics found in more tropical climates. These in-house tests were invaluable for selecting the best materials for Type 3. We chose Acetal for the Button, due to its good creep characteristics in such adverse conditions, and PBT for the mating Fix.

We also developed a cyclic testing machine, to put the Fix and Button through many thousands of engagements and disengagements, to ensure panels can be removed and replaced without compromising strength.

These results, combined with those from our independent test house, allow us to suggest safe working loads for use on both wall and ceiling panels. Using  four Type 3 Button-fixes and the correct screws for your material, a panel can weigh up to 60kg on a wall, and 10kg on the ceiling.

5,000 cycles and counting

Our sealed climate chamber test rig, running 24/7 at over 40°C and 90% humidity

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Button-fix Type 3

  • Connects panels face-to-face with a 3mm or 8mm gap
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  • Ideal for acoustic, wall and ceiling panels
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